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Creditor opt out list

If you are like most Americans you have probably had it with the unsolicited calls, advertisements and junk emails. Help is available for those who have had it with the constant harassment. The Direct Marketing System offers the public the Mail and Telephone Preference Service which helps people to limit the amount of unwanted contacts. This is a service that is valid for five years and is updated four times a year in January, April, July and October. This service will not stop the harassment altogether but there will be a huge decrease in the unwanted calls and harassment. Another service that is extremely beneficial for people who are being harassed is the Federal Trade Commission. They have many new laws that consumer can exercise when it comes to these types of annoyances.

Junk Email - The email preference now has a opt list that you put your name on to stop these emails. Companies pay for a list of names and addresses and purchase special software which allows them to email thousands of people at one time. Getting on this list will stop or decrease these emails. There are many things that consumers can do own their own as well. Examples of this would be to not using your email too freely. Whether it is on websites or chat rooms be careful do to the high traffic volumes and easy access that other have to your email. This is something that one should always be very careful with. Identity theft is very common and we should all be more cautious.

opting out of the creditor list

Stopping unwanted credit card offers - opt out

Why am I receiving all of these credit card offers in the mail?  Do you ever wonder how these credit card companies get your personal contact information? Credit Bureaus are the ones who may be giving out this information. If the request is from a legitimate company they will give the information out. This is a very popular way for these credit card companies to get your information. You can request that your information is not available by calling 888-567-8688. This is for the pre-approved and prescreened credit card offers. It's important to know creditor laws and consumer rights when dealing with these creditors.

Telemarketing Calls and Collections – This is the type harassment that most Americans are frustrated with. Whether it is someone trying to sell you something or collect on a debt this can be very upsetting. Getting calls at work or all hours of the night is not a good thing. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has passed new laws to help all individuals who are experiencing this. The collection call can get downright nasty and very stressful. It would be in the best interest of any consumer to know these new laws and put them to use. Their website will have a PDF document for you to print and read and it is extremely helpful. Many Americans are not aware that they have some rights when it comes to these types of harassment. We should all educate ourselves and use what we can to stop this unwanted stress. It's important to opt out of these creditor lists, to prevent additional temptation or possible identity theft.


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