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Shred the credit cards

Budgeting can be a very simple way to save money but the first thing that we need to do is to shred the credit cards. Credit cards are the best ways to spend thousands of dollars without realizing it. When purchasing an item with a credit card one is spending about for times as much for the item than they originally thought due to the interest. Everyone should shred the credit cards and have one put away for emergency purposes only. Keep them at home not in your pocket because the temptations are too big. Most people think that budgeting is not easy and they are right it’s not, but once they start budgeting it does become easier. The bottom line is that we can all find a way to save especially if it is crucial to our current finances. There are numerous ways to save where one never thought they could. Regardless of ones circumstances if one comes up with a plan they can save.

The first plan of attack is to write up an income verse expense sheet. An income verse expense sheet is an itemized list of spenditures coming in and out of one’s house hold. This should be done by a month to month basis. Figure what income is coming into to the home each month verses what goes out of the home each month. After the list has been done subtract the income from the expenses and this is what you have left each month. Everyone is different they may have extra, not much or minus the money left. Do not be discouraged there are ways to save if you find the sources that are hindering your situation.

it's important to shred the credit cards

Gas - Gas prices have been extremely high and have become an extreme hardship for everyone. Some consumers have reported that their monthly gas prices are higher than their car payments. Budgeting can be made easy for consumers wanting to pursue it. Finding someone to carpool with is a great way to save. If you have no one in mind post a bulletin at work. Most people will welcome this for the savings that they will get at well. Other ways to save is to keep the maintenance on your car up to par; this will stop any further more expense complications in the long run.

Groceries - Ask your local grocer when their sales start each week and try to make your shopping days accordingly. Not too many people like to do this but coupons are a very good way to save. It is definitely a great way to save each month. Do not get tricked into the sales that state buy five or more and save. Ask yourselves if you really need five or more of that item. Our minds have been programed to think we are saving but that is not always the case.

Clothing - Not all people will agree with this, but there are a lot of savings at your local thrift stores. Buying some clothes from a thrift shop will save tons of money especially for those who have big families. If this is something that one does not want to do they can shop on a seasonal basis. Buy clothing at the end of the seasons. Clothing stores knock prices down by fifty to seventy percent to make room for new arrivals.

On the road - Whether it is your daily drive or vacation we all spend, spend, spend and it adds up. Bring snacks or drinks so you are not tempted to stop at a liquor store or gas station. These things add up especially if it is on a daily basis. It is also a very wise idea to bring your lunch to work. Buying your lunch each day adds up to a pretty penny. One can save an extreme amount taking their lunch to work.

Each person is different but once you have come up with a way to budget your finances in a way that suits you the rewards will be great. Keep in mind it may not be easy at first but it will pay off in the end.


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