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Privacy Policy

Our client and visitor privacy is extremely important to us. Our company is determined to shield our visitors from prying eyes and through this privacy policy; which we will explain what information is obtained and what practices we work by in order to ensure client security. As always, the privacy policy may be found on the bottom of all pages located within the Credit Card Debt Consolidation network.

Google Analytics

All pages will contain a Google Analytics code, this code allows us to obtain information on the client such as web browser being used, internet connection in addition to how they found our website. This information is secure and does not reveal personal information such as past sites you were on, or information such as e-mail details or stored passwords. This service is offered by Google for webmasters in order for us to obtain information such as trends and how our visitors got to our site and what information their using such as browser, operating system, etc.

Our web applications

Credit Card Debt Consolidation does not administer debt management or debt settlement services. Once an application was submitted, our agents here will call on the client to see if they truly qualify for either of the two programs. Once this information has been obtained, we will then quote the client and given the client wants to move forward – they will then be sent over to a nonprofit debt management or debt settlement company. The transferring of clients information will not be done until authorization is given in written form (through our service agreements) given the client wants to proceed. Rest assured, our company has done all the necessary due diligence and selected the best of the best when it comes to servicing agents for these debt relief programs. 

Links to third party websites

Our website usually contains third party links which link out to authority sites. In no way are we contracted or affiliated with those companies or links, but we include these links as we feel those are necessary to increase the visitors education. We may include definition links, or links we feel have more information than what we’re capable of providing. All links included are non biased and are inspected prior to insertion into the website.

Changes to this privacy policy

These contents may be altered at any time at our discretion. Given a revision is made, a timestamp will be included at the bottom of this document which will show when the last revision was made. The privacy policy again, is used to explain to our visitors how our company operates and the security measures we follow in order to ensure client safety. For more information, it’s usually best to contact us in order to have any other questions addressed. 


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