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Money Saving Ideas for Students

Graduating from high school and decided and a new future can be very exciting and overwhelming. It is smart to have a plan and stick to while cutting cost in any way possible. That last thing one needs after graduating from college is a stack of bills that are impossible to pay off. Statistics show that eighty percent of student have anywhere from twenty to forty thousand dollars worth of student loans to pay back not to mention the credit card debt that they accumulated as well. After attending college it would be nice to start bringing in the money not braking ones back to pay it back.

Before starting your adventure in college it is very wise to see what type of financial aid is available. Most students think that they do not qualify for financial aid. There are so many different types of financial aid now days that one should ask what is out there to be offered. Remember if one does not ask usually one will not tell. Look over all options and apply for all aide chances are you may qualify for some type of aide. Whether it be help with books, food, rent no aide should be turned away in the end it can amount to a pretty penny.

When attending college do whatever possible to stay away from the credit cards. Credit cards are a never ending cycle of interest that is impossible to pay off. Anything that one buys using credit is multiplied by three to four times as much. Ask ourselves if you would pay for a steak dinner that cost ten dollars, maybe right? Well buying a steak dinner for ten dollars with a credit card actually cost you forty to sixty dollars when the interests are applied, not so appetizing now huh? This is the same with anything that is purchase with a credit card whether it be a can a soda or something more expensive the consumer is paying three to four times as much for that item.

Of course school can be expensive but it is important to approach in a mature manner and think of the possibilities that will affect your financial future. Cutting corners is always a good way to ensure extra cash each month. Buy meals that can be stretched such as spaghetti or sandwiches. Carpooling is a wonderful way to save on gas, if you have no one in mind go your school bulletin and post something that states you are willing to carpool. Whenever possible stay away from the vending machines and convenient stores it does not seem like it at first but the money you spend there will add up quickly. Spending money like this adds up quickly and costs quite a bit of money. Bring a lunch or drink with you is a more economical way to save. College is fun but it is the best time to become a responsible adult and remember the reason for being there. One does not want numerous debts as well as student loans when the finish their education.

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