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Preventing Identify Theft – Frequently asked questions and answers

Identity thefts is a very frightening thought for anyone, but imagine being a victim. If one becomes a victim it can be very devastating. There are many ways to protect yourselves and your family’s well-being. Below are questions that Americans are asking when it comes to identity theft.

What do I do if I become a victim of identity theft?
First and most importantly call the authorities and notify them of the theft. Make sure a report is filed and you give as much information that you can. Make sure you get a copy of the report and follow up with it. Call all of the necessary places to cancel bank, credit cards and checks.

How does someone get their identity stolen?
It is easier than people realize especially now in the days of electronics. These people can get very personal information via internet. People have no problem putting their personal information on apps, or e-mail you name it. Many people will shop on line without checking to see if the site is secure. They then put their credit or banking information down without a second thought. Thieves will actually go into someone’s mail or trash to get information. Remember they only need the number to one’s account not the actual card.

Am I able to press charges or sue if this happens?
Absolutely, if the catch the perpetrator you can sue. Pressing charges is another matter you will not need to worry about that because the state will do it for you. Stealing someone’s identity is a class A felony and punishable by law. However when suing this people it does not always turn out to be in the victims favor. These people usually want what you have because they don’t have anything. This is the reason why they do this to gain something that they want.

Will I be responsible to pay for the purchases that were made?
Ouch, tough question but sadly enough it depends. One needs prove that they did not make the purchases and that they were a victim of theft. Some can proof it some cant, or at times only some of it can be proofed. Doesn’t sound fair, but that is why it is such a serious problem. In some ways it comes down to a personal decision. If one cannot proof it they pay it to save their financial security or let their credit fall.

Is there anything that I should worry about when in a public setting?
Yes, of course many people have had become victims this way. When you are shopping be careful to not walk away even for a minute and leave your purse or wallet in the cart. This is a very popular way to get your personal information stolen. Another source would be your credit card, keep your eyes on it. Some people have had their numbers copied and used later. As stated above all they need is the number not the actual card.

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