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Credit card debt: Holiday Temptations

Everyone loves this time of year we have family, friends, presents and more. Everyone seems to be in a more cheerful light as well. When the holidays are done we are left with the bills and no game plan. There are many ways to save during the holidays without breaking the bank. We all want to buy and receive presents, go to and give parties. This is what we feel the holidays are about, but we do not have to break the bank to do so. There are so many things that one can do without spending every dime that they have.

The most crucial part of the holiday spending is the gifts but we tend to go overboard. One needs to do whatever they possibly can to not use the credit cards. People do not realize that due to the interest fees when they use their credit cards they are spending so much more. Some people might have a budget of $500.00 dollars to spend for the holidays, but they are spending much more when using the plastic. If ones budget is $500.00 they are most likely spending $2,000.00 by using the credit cards, tough reality but very true. When purchasing gifts with a credit card you are paying 3 to 5 times as much for that gift. Some people cannot do this and the credit cards are saving them so to speak, but whenever possible do not swipe the plastic.

holiday credit card debt

Some other ways to give during the holidays without spending an arm and a leg is to think more on a personal level. Bake cookies or brownies for neighbors, the mailman, teachers or coworkers. This is a very sweet gift from the heart and very inexpensive. People love the time that one puts into the baking and packaging and will definitely put a smile on their face. Instead of purchasing cards why not make some? Again this is a gift from the heart that people will appreciate. So many things can be done by hand and look as if it were bought. When putting up the Christmas tree and feeling it needs a bit more don’t go to the store and spend on more ornaments. Buy a roll of ribbon and put bows on the tree it gives it a very old fashion feel that will look just as beautiful. Getting the kids to string some popcorn will be great memories and look just as old fashion.

When it comes to gift giving we all go crazy and leave our common sense at home. First rule of thumb is to leave the credit card at home so there are no temptations. The most idealistic way to shop for the holidays is to shop throughout the year, but not many are as disciplined to do so. Searching your local ads for sales or coupons is a good idea before going shopping. Make a list and stick to it, by making a list it will help you to not overspend. Stocking stuffer’s fun, fun, fun but it can add up quickly. Go to the 99 cent store no one will know. They have so many things that will fill those stocking and make your family happy. The bottom line is to make a plan and stick to it. Do not worry what other think what is important is that you feel good about what you are doing.

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